No one will deny how important toys are for the upbringing and development of a child. They introduce the baby to the outside world, shapes, colors. In addition to the fact that toys must be educational, they must also be safe. And those are toys made of wood.

Are wooden toys better than plastic ones? When it comes to your child, you want to choose the best. The modern market is saturated with plastic and metal toys. There are very few toys made of natural wood. But they are an important part of the cultural heritage and much safer.

Manufacturers often claim that plastic toys are safe, and then in the news they talk about the recall of another batch with harmful impurities in the composition. This is especially true for babies — they put everything they play with into their mouths, and plastic with paint is not something you need to taste.

Let’s compare wooden toys and toys made from other materials.

Durability and safety

Plastic toys break easily. The child may be injured by sharp edges or swallowed by small fragments. Metal toys are also traumatic. Wooden toys, on the contrary, are strong and durable. It will be difficult for a kid to break a tree, and if he pulls such a toy into his mouth, there is nothing toxic in it. After all, wood is an environmentally friendly material. Children can gnaw on a wooden toy without damage to their health, scratch their gums when they are teething. Our educational toys are carefully polished, and your baby will not plant a splinter.

Encouragement to creativity

Tactile learning is often considered one of the most important aspects of educational programs to help children develop their abilities. Playing with wooden toys, touching them and exploring, your baby will learn something new. In addition, most toys are specially designed for the development of children, such as interhemispheric boards or geoboards.


Wooden toys are very easy to clean. Just dip them in soapy water, rinse and dry. Metal from moisture can become rusty, and plastic, if there are any mechanisms inside, can break.


Wooden educational toys allow you to feel the texture and structure of the material. They have a pleasant smell. It is recommended to accustom the kid to natural materials, because he learns the world around him by smell, taste and sensations.


When the life of a wooden toy does come to an end, it can be easily recycled in a natural way, without harming the environment. This is an important advantage.

What to choose?

Wooden toys are simple, which allows you to develop the imagination of the child. We recommend to pay attention to the following toys:

Interhemispheric boards — educational toys for the development of both hemispheres of the brain. The child needs to simultaneously drive chips through the mazes with both hands. In addition, tasks can be complicated using methodological material. The interhemispheric board develops coordination, motor skills, logic, concentration and perseverance. There are boards with different labyrinths, differing in complexity and size;

Geoboards — toys, which are a field with pegs, on which the baby pulls rubber bands, building different shapes, letters and numbers. Geoboard is useful for developing memory, attention, imagination, counting skills. There are many variations of the geoboard game. This wooden toy will not let your child get bored;

Fishing — a combined wooden toy with many functions for the development of fine motor skills, coordination, imagination and logic. In addition to catching fish, you can fold three-dimensional figures from balls, find identical elements and complete tasks from cards.

Concluding, we can say that wooden toys definitely deserve your attention because of the many advantages. They are safe, tactile, durable and comfortable. Wooden toys allow the child to develop the correct perception of the world and aesthetic qualities.


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