Many children love the process of building: putting together something from different parts is fun. And since you can now find all sorts of options for designers on the market, parents are sometimes lost — what to choose? Today we want to talk about wooden constructors and why you should pay attention to them.

Made from environmentally friendly materials

Almost all wooden construction sets are made of environmentally friendly materials, so you can be sure that the child will not come into contact with hazardous substances (as happens when a child plays with a low-quality plastic construction set). For example, a great option is a designer made of polished birch plywood. When playing with it, the child will not get hurt and will not slip a finger.

Can be assembled without the use of glue

Many wooden constructors can be easily assembled without additional materials. They are made in such a way that the parts are simply inserted into each other. You can safely leave your child with the designer and not worry that he will get smeared in glue or stain the carpet.

Can be painted and decorated

Unlike plastic construction sets, wooden ones can be decorated and painted. This develops the imagination of the child, and also allows him to supplement the finished thing with something of his own.

Suitable for both boys and girls

Wooden constructors will be interesting to collect for both boys and girls. For example, if you have a future architect in your family, then building a dollhouse or a parking lot for cars is the best thing to do.

Pleasant to the touch

It is much more pleasant to hold a wooden constructor in your hands than to play with plastic parts. The tactile impressions that children receive while playing with a wooden constructor contribute to the development of fine motor skills, imagination and creative thinking.

If you have not yet decided which construction set to buy for your baby, then just remember your childhood, when many toys were wooden. And we, oh, how we enjoyed playing with them. So, perhaps, a modern wooden constructor will become one of the most beloved for your child, and you will be inspired by warm memories.


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